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The Erlandsro Shop

Welcome to Erlandsro!

As a small oasis spreads Erlandsro farm and its lands out, almost like not being aware about the city life around the corner.

Around the corner is no exaggeration, Erlandsro farm is actually located centrally with just 2 minutes to Svågertorp and all of its stores, but it's not something you think about. Erlandsro, as we said, an oasis.

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Välkommen till CEBEX
Erlandsro gårdsbutikErlandsro farm shop

In an area of approximately 250m2, we have squeezed in lots of products for glass and ceramics production.

Of course, it is convenient to shop online but sometimes you might want to see the products live.

Another advantage is you get to meet the girls left, our knowledgeable staff, happy to serve you. Sometimes we have an Open House (Sign up for our newsletters to get an invite).

Erlandsro, not just a shop

Do You know that we organize Work Shops  in most aspects of glass and ceramics?

The Work Shops are being held on our own premises, either on Erlandsro farm or our premises in Stockholm. Some of the Work Shops  are led by our own staff but we also hire other professional teachers with a pile of knowledge in the trunk.

CEBEX Kurser på Erlandsro
Kurslunch på ErlandsroThousands of our customers have participated in our Work Shops

It must be fun to go on a Work Shop with us!
With this motto, we combine expertise with many practical elements and it will be fun, we can promise you that.

The Work Shop package usually includes all training materials, coffee breaks and lunch.
Learn more about our courses here, or contact us, we are happy to tell you more about what we can offer.

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