Brush-on Glaze C2C White, Matt 500 g

The C2C glaze series is developed according to the Cradle to Cradle principle - a global certification inspired by nature, where the excess material from a product does not have an obstructive effect on the natural cycle. 

The glazes are approved for contact with food and can be machine washed.

Use: Shake or stir the glaze before use. If the glaze has been left without stirring for a long time, some of the water may have evaporated. As the brush-on glazes are water-based, they can be diluted with a little water. In case of overdose of water, the brush properties deteriorate. 

Brush the glaze with a soft brush on the bisquit fired item. Start with the large surfaces, let the glaze dry for a while and then apply a new layer of glaze. Brush on 2-3 layers in both vertical and horizontal direction to get a good coverage without visible brush strokes.

Shake well! With 1-2 brush strokes, semi-transparent paints are obtained while opaque paints are achieved with 3 coats (1 min drying time in between).

Package:500 g
Temperature:1220-1260 °C
Machine wash:Yes

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 Middle piece 6,4 mm
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