Cerama Topovn SC-200


High craftsmanship quality and know-how, make these kilns unique in terms of economy, durability and finish. The kilns are produced by Rohde and are based on their model series MCC. The area of use is very wide and covers most needs for firing glass, porcelain painting, earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.

The wide temperature range also contributes to great flexibility in the artistic work and is therefore an excellent choice for artists, teachers in schools and institutions or potters.The kilns in the SC series can be delivered as a complete kiln set including a controller, a set of refractories and CEE connection (earthed Schuko connector for the 1-phase model) for easy installation. Connection to automatic is made easily via a CPC-14 stick.

For this series of kilns, we recommend controller G20-20 ALL IN [57G2020] which is our most popular controller.

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NOTE! Choosing the right kiln, controller and equipment can be tricky as the need varies from case to case. For that reason, the products are not priced online. Contact us for advice and we will find a package that suits you, at a competitive price.

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