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Decal - Red

Decal for ceramics and glass. Sold individually in sheets of 50 x 70 cm.

Cut or punch out the desired decal from the sheet and put in lukewarm water for a while until the decal releases from the bottom paper. Then place the decal on the glazed ceramic or glass item. Be sure to push it out firmly so that there is no air under the decal. Let the decal get really dry before firing. Melts from 800 °C, at higher temperatures the color fades.

Rec. temperature:800-810 °C

     In stock
 Earthenware Glaze 1013 Transp, Glossy 100 g
 Raku/crank MOK 5
 Engobe Lemon yellow 30, ready mixed
 Stoneware Clay Black 0,5 mm 40%
 Stoneware Clay W4015 Greyish White 1,5 mm 40%
 Stoneware Clay KM 0,5 mm 45%