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Earthenware Clay White

This clay is suitable for modeling when a smooth surface is desired. Good results can be obtained with our brush glazes. We can also recommend decoration with underglaze crayons or pencils, after which the clay is suitably glazed with Transparent glossy [221013], or Transparent matt [221004]. Both glazes are suitably fired up to 1060 °C.

Packing:10 kg
Water abs:2,3% (1200 °C)
Dry shrinkage:4,8%
Total shrinkage:11% (1200 °C)
Bisquit firing:950-980 °C
Max. temperature:1260 °C
Rec. temperature:1020-1260 °C

     In stock
 Stoneware Clay K129 White 0,5 mm 30%
 Brush-on Glaze 85 Grey             500 g
 E- and S-ware Glaze 1001 Transp, Glossy 5 kg
 Earthenware Glaze 5829 Tiffany Green, Glossy 2 kg
 Stamp Set Numbers (12)
 Brush-on Glaze 52 Brown            500 g