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Wax Emulsion Resist, 400 g

Emulsion wax prevents liquids, for example engobes and glazes, from attaching to the bisquit fired item. Used both to protect the item from accidental glazing on for example bottom of a pot, and in decorative work where other decors or unclazed shards are desired.

Use a brush or a sponge and apply on the surfaces where you do not want the glaze to stick. Work calmly and methodically and let the emulsion wax dry thoroughly. If the coating seems thin, apply another layer and allow to dry completely before applying the glaze or engobe on the item. Wipe of any glaze residue that has ended up on top of the emulsion wax.

If you use a brush, it should be cleaned with terpentine. A tip is to use a brush or sponge that you can spare, so you avoid cleaning and working with solvents.

The emulsion wax is burned off during firing and does not damage the kiln.

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