Engobe White 49, ready mixed

Our engobes can be used on both leather-hard and bisquit fired clay. An engobe consists of colored clay slip. Delivered ready-mixed in a jar of 1 kg.

Bisquit fired items can be dipped or brushed. Stir the engobe before use. Remember to also stir during the work to avoid sedimentation. Quickly immerse the item in water before applying the engobe. If the engobe is brushed on, we recommend at least three coats with a shorter drying time in between. Avoid the brush to dry out during use. Then glaze the item with transparent glaze. If the item is not glazed, the color becomes faint and dull. 

Rec. temperature:1020-1260 °C

Engobes are not suitable for very small details, for this we recommend our underglaze colors instead. 

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