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Filters of protection class A2 against organic gases and vapors for professional spray, brush or roller painting.

These replacement filters are designed to protect against organic gases and vapors, e.g. solvent based paints, adhesives and detergents, with activated carbon which binds the gases and vapors and thus removes them from the inhalation air.

They are lightweight, well-balanced and have a low respiration resistance, making usage during your work day more comfortable, and their unique parallel staircase shape also gives the user a good field of view.

They have been tested and approved according to European standard, CE mark 0086 (EN 14387: 2004 + A1: 2008 A2).

product Features
- Replacement filter for spray painting, brush roller painting
- A2 protection against organic gases and vapors, e.g. solution based colors
- The unique parallel trap shape provides a good field of view
- Light weight, low breath resistance, well balanced
- Tested and approved according to European standard
- Does not contain components of natural rubber latex
- Fits 3M half mask S-M-L (click here)

Suggested use
Spray painting, brush and roller painting for eg. painting industry, agriculture, real estate, hobby and more.

NOTE! The user must have undergone training and read all user instructions. Improper use can cause injury and serious or life-threatening illnesses

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