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Particle filters type P3 R are versatile filters that provide good protection against solid and liquid particles as well as troublesome gases and vapors.

The filters are small and light and have a low resistance to breathing and good balance when connected to your mask, a big advantage during longer usage. The filters have a soft and flexible, making them comfortable under helmets. They are clicked into place quickly and easily thanks to the bayonet mount and can be used with 3M protective masks (see below).

Type of protection against gas and vapors: 10 x TLV and organic vapors or corrosive gas under TLV, Corrosive gas, Organic vapors, Solid and liquid particles, Solid and liquid particles and Ozone protection.

Filter Type: Particle Filter. type P3 R (Standard: CE approved, EN143: 2000)

Benefits and features

- R-respiratory protection against solid and liquid particles, troublesome gases and vapors.
- Combines protection with comfort and balance.
- Small enough to fit comfortably under helmets
- Lightweight with a low breathing resistance
- Bayonet mount, Rotate and click on place quickly and easily

Typical applications are, health care, work with powdered chemicals, quarrying, foundries, agriculture and the food industry.

- Fits 3M half mask S-M-L (click here)

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