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Glass sheet 1464-30 True Blue

Bullseye's glass sheets are handrolled and manufactured in a factory in Portland, Oregon. The glass sheets work well for fusing and slumping. 

When fusing, the glass aims to be 6 mm thick, therefore two 3 mm sheets are used. The most common is to use a 3 mm colored glass sheet in combination with a 3 mm transparent base sheet, which is either placed under or over the colored sheet. The glass is then fused together during firing to about 810 ºC in a glass kiln. 

When slumping, the already fused glass is placed in a slumping mold and then fired in a second firing to about 720 ºC when the glass is shaped to the mold.

Length:51 cm
Width:41 cm
Tickness:3 mm

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