Orton cone 08, 942-956 °C

ORTON CONE 08, 942-956°C

Cones are slender pyramids made with carefully controlled ceramic compositions. Bars are small uniformly shaped 
rectangles made from the same compositions as cones. Each cone/bar composition is identified with a number such as 04 or 06.

Cones are placed inside a kiln where they can be observed through a peephole. Orton® Self Supporting Cones are freestanding.
When cones soften and bend, this indicates that a certain amount of heat has been absorbed by the cone and hence, the ware being fired. Because ceramics and glasses can require different heat treatments, a range of cone numbers are used.

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 Brush-on Glaze 24 Dark red, Glossy 500 g
 Stoneware Clay 1153 Brown
 Stoneware Glaze 2515 Dark Rose, Glossy 2 kg
 Barium Carbonate                    1 kg
 S/b 410 x 260 x 13 mm
 Bentonite                           5 kg