Gustavsberg Crafts & Tools

Welcome to our new distributor!

A new shop has opened in beautiful Varmdo, in the premises of the well known porcelain factory, we have started up a co-operation with Gustavsberg Crafts & Tools who now are able to offer you our products from the factory shop and warehouse.

The first step will be a display of our products in their existing factory store, but the construction of a new shop has already started and in the long run Gustavsbrg Crafts & Tools will introduce lots of exciting things for you who are passionate about ceramics.

- Good pick up options without stressful traffic.

- Parking right outside the store.

- Service-minded staff with know how on site.

- Open Mon-Fri: 11am-5pm, Sat-Sun: 11am-5pm

Phone number: 08-570 369 00

Crafts & Tools