Welcome to the largest warehouse in the Nordic region

Cebex, together with its sister company Cerama, is part of the Scandinavian Ceramics group, which is the Nordic region's largest supplier of products for glass and ceramic manufacturing. At our main warehouse in Denmark, approximately 25,000 orders are handled annually. Our delivery capability is high, and we can usually deliver even heavy goods such as kilns and machines within one business week.

Cebex Deliveries

As mentioned above, a considerable amount of work is done once an order is received. That goes for our warehouse in Malmö too, which handles more than 10,000 orders annually. Many of the products are heavy to handle, need to be weighed at our main warehouse in Denmark, or require extra packaging work, e.g. glazes and glass sheets.

Despite this, our goal is to have the goods ready for dispatch within one business week from the order date. However, exceptions may occur for special order items or if the item is temporarily out of stock.


 Cebex Lager

Cebex Logistik

When everything is packed and ready for delivery, transport labels are produced and the goods is picked up by the carrier shortly afterwards. At almost the same time, a notification with tracking link is sent to you so that you can track your delivery allt the way, from our warehouse until completed delivery.

Cebex has been co-operating with Post Nord for many years, which is in line with our environmental thinking, and we are happy to notice they were recently ranked to a gold level in the International Post Corporation's (IPC) annual ranking.

Post Nord

Cost of freight and packing material

Most of our products are packed in pallet-adapted cardboard boxes that are either sent separately or placed on approved EUR pallets and half pallets. We always use shrink plastic for stability and best durability. For some of these packages, we are forced to charge a small packaging cost.

Shipping costs vary depending on weight, volume and delivery destination and if your goods require extra packaging i.e. pallets. However, as a customer with us, you get discounts on Post Nord's fees, these are automatically calculated at the checkout.

Special pallets (only for oven deliveries, delivery of glass sheets or sea transports) are calculated on request. For normal parcel deliveries (Post Nord Parcel and Post Nord MyPack) there are no packaging fees.