Way of Transport for glass sheets

-Broken glass breakes our heart!It breakes our Glass Heart

Sheet glass
larger than 30X30cm can not be sent in
packages but are either delivered on pallets
special packaging or as a pickup-up item at one
of our
warehouses. Minimum transport volume is 5 pcs,
no minimum order volume for pickup orders.

Choose the right delivery at checkout. Bullseye 1/8
and SYS96 1/4 can be sent by parcel post.

Other Information
Cebex dispatch approx. 10 000 delieries every year, normally within 3-5 working days from order.

Some of our products demands a more extensive handling and packing and tailor made packing solutions
i.e. some of our kilns or glass sheets being packed with banding machines on wooden pallets.

Most of our products are packed in corrugated boxes that fits on a pallet, either being sent separately or
on an approved EUR-pallet. All pallets are wrapped in plastic film for extra safety. On some of our packing
materials a minour packing fee is charged.  

For more information about our deliveries and packing material, see www.cebex.se/About Cebex deliveries

Note! We will be happy to advice about the best way of delivery to give you a cost efficient freight solution.

Glass packingTailormade packing1/2 EUR-palletEUR-Pallet
Glass PackingTailor made pallets1/2 EUR-palletEUR-pallet