Stoneware Glaze 5015 Transparent, Glossy 100 g

A very good, proven transparent glaze that has been in our range for many years. The glaze is recommended if high whiteness of the shard is sought. It is also well suited for staining.

Rec. temperature:1220-1260 °C
Specific gravity :40-45°

The glaze powder is mixed with water, for good mixing results we recommend glaze stirrers [325031]. Measure approx. 8 dl water per kg glaze powder and slowly pour the powder into the water while stirring. Adjust glaze powder and amount of water using a hydrometer [324060]. If the glaze has not been used for some time, the specific gravity should be checked before use.

We recommend that transparent and single-colored glazes should be sieved through a sieve with a mesh density of 60 mesh [32522060], however, sieving of effect glazes should be avoided.

The glaze can settle, to avoid this adjusting agent ABM-3 [2858] can be added.

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