Stoneware Glaze 5552 Oceanblue, Effect 2 kg

Very beautiful glaze with a depth in the tone. The glaze requires experimentation with the thickness. If the glaze is applied too thin, the green tone dominates.

Rec. temperature:1220-1260 °C
Specific gravity :45°

The glaze powder is mixed with water, for good mixing results we recommend glaze stirrers [325031]. Measure approx. 8 dl water per kg glaze powder and slowly pour the powder into the water while stirring. Adjust glaze powder and amount of water using a hydrometer [324060]. If the glaze has not been used for some time, the specific gravity should be checked before use.

We recommend that transparent and single-colored glazes should be sieved through a sieve with a mesh density of 60 mesh [32522060], however, sieving of effect glazes should be avoided.

The glaze can settle, to avoid this adjusting agent ABM-3 [2858] can be added.

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