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Stringers 2 mm 0147-72 Deep Cobalt

Our product range of Bullseye stringers come in four ticknesses: 1 mm and 2 mm. 

Stringers can be used for creating lines and patterns when fusing. Can be bended with a candle or use straight. 

Thickness:2 mm
Length:approx. 45 cm
Quantity:approx. 50 pcs

     Just a few left in stock
 Powder 0147-98 Deep Cobalt Blue
 Dichroic String. 1101-70 Trans (5 psc)
 Dichroic String. 0100-70 Black (10 pcs)
 Frits 0147-92 med. Deep Cobalt Blue
 Stringers 2 mm 0301-72 Pink
 Stoneware Glaze 2422 Black, Matt