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UG color 604 - Ljus blue

Our ready-mixed underglaze colors can be used on both earthenware and stoneware. The colors are excellent for detailed decor. Delivered in a 100 ml jar.

Stir or shake the jar before use. Brush the underglaze color on bisquit fired item. Then glaze with transparent glaze. We recommend Transparent glossy [221013]. If the items are not glazed, the color becomes dull.

Rec. temperature:960-1250 °C

NOTE! Color difference occurs depending on firing temperature.

     Just a few left in stock
 Color stain Dark pink              100 g
 Round batt Ø 38 cm x 10 mm
 Corderite props 100 mm
 Multipen Dark blue 50 ml
 Stoneware Glaze 5552 Oceanblue, Effect 5 kg
 Stoneware Glaze 5570 Nut Pine Green 5 kg