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Cebex deliveries
Your order is the start of several internal processes, especially in our ware house handling more than 10 000 orders per year.

Many of our products are heavy to handle, needs to be weighed or meassured or needs extra work with packing i.e. our clays, glazes and glass sheets. In spite all that our goal is to have normal ware house products ready for dispatch within one working week from order. If the product is temporarily out of stock we will notify you.





Receiving the order   

No matter how the order is placed during our opening hours, the packing note is printed out to our ware house the same day.

Our customer support check the order before printi out. If some- thing is wrong we will contact the customer and try to find a solution.




Ware house activities
The order is packed. Some material has to be weghed up, labeled and packed in cardboard boxes and finally placed on a pallet. Some of our products needs extra packing material i.e. our glass sheets.





The gods is now ready for dispatch and we have to print out the transport labels. Cebex is on-line with Posten and you are able to follow your delivery from the very same moment the truck has been loaded in our ware house.


Cebex and Posten
Posten is, since many years, taking good care of our domestic deliveries. An important reason for that their wide distribution net covering the whole country to both private and company addresses.

Posten is also in "the fron seat" with enviromental thinking which follows our ambitions at Cebex.


Track the delivery                       If you write your mobile no or email address we will send you the Tracking-ID and you are able to see where the shipment is. Time for transport varies depending on way of transport and delivery address but normally the shipment arrives in a couple of days.


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