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Batt wash C-1

Battwash C1 is product being used to protect your batts and ceramic items from unexpected glaze runs or drips. If a glaze melts out on a batt, it will be fused into it and might damage your batt or the ceramic pieces standing on it. 

Battwash C-1 is a better solution than pure zirconium silicate as it does not bind so tightly to the batt surface, which makes it a bit easier to peel off the glaze.

How to:
1) Mix the powder well with water, in equal parts, with a whisk until you get a milky consistency.
2) If the batt never has been brushed with battwash, we recommend to use a sponge to pre-wet the batts, it will prevent the battwash from drying too fast and uneven.
3) Brush the batts crosswise with a suitable brush i.e. a Haiké brush [44254]. Brush in several thin layers and allow it to dry in between, since a thick layer might cause the battwash to peel off.
4) Wipe off the batt edges to prevent small parts from the battwash to come loose and land on the ceramic objects during the firing.

Important! Never place a wet or moist batt in the kiln, it might cause a thermo chock and breake the batt.

Sold in bags of 2 kg.

     In stock
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