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Plastic batts with hole (36,5 cm)

Plastic batt with hole.

Diameter:36,5 cm

NOTE! We recommend storing Platsi-bat in a slotted rack or stacked on a FLAT surface to prevent warping. When stacking Plasti-bat plastic bats, be sure they are clean prior to stacking. Even the slightest obstruction can cause the bats to warp.

     In stock
 Brush-on Glaze 25 Ligth Orange, Glossy 500 g
 Brush-on Glaze 28 Green, Glossy    500 g
 Loop tool s. 22 nr. 54
 Stoneware Clay KM 0,5 mm 45%
 Frit 169 Raku                       5 kg
 Glaze Brush 0.75