Stoneware Clay 1408 Tile 2mm/35%

This clay has a very rustic surface. The warm, brown color of the clay matches nicely with the coarse and darker tile grog. The tile grog gives the clay a lot of structure. When firing at 1260 ºC, the tile grog can melt and show on the clays surface. 1408 is good for sculpturing and modeling of larger items with uneven thickness. The clay is not waterproof.  

Packing:10 kg
Grog:0-2 mm 35%
Water abs:11% (1040 ºC)
Dry shrinkage:5%
Total shrinkage:7,5% (1040 °C)
Bisquit firing:950-980 °C
Max. temperature:1260 °C
Rec. temperature:1020-1260 °C

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