Stoneware Clay WB04107 White, Powder 25 kg

Our whitest stoneware casting clay. A "semi-porcelain" whose purity gives a very clear color reproduction at glazes. When firing, WB04107 is more dimensionally stable than conventional porcelain. Available in 5 kg and 25 kg in powder.

NOTE! We recommend adding the setting agent Giessfix 162 [2878] and Dolaflux B11 [2849] which can only be purchased by customers with an organozation number.  

Packing:5 or 25 kg
Water abs:7% (1200 °C)
Dry shrinkage:5,5%
Total shrinkage:11% (1200 °C)
Bisquit firing:950-980 ºC
Max. temperature:1280 ºC
Rec. temperature:1200-1280 ºC

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