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Info about stoneware glaze 235955

For some time we have had quality problems with "235955 Stoneware Glaze White 5955". The glaze has shown a pink discoloration after firing and we have also noted a reduced whiteness in the shards as well as some coarse-grained material that has not melted out.

After a lot of extensive testing, we have been able to identify some of the causes of these problems, which have now also been fixed, but we have not managed to bring out all the properties that the glaze had before the problems arose.

We have addressed the discoloration issue and believe we have removed all contaminated packaging, but we cannot be 100% sure. Therefore, we recommend test firing when purchasing 5 kg packaging (where the problem with the pink contamination has been detected). We have also succeeded in reducing the problems with coarse-grained raw materials, but the shard does not turn out quite as white as before.

Unfortunately, some of these problems are due to altered properties of the raw materials involved, but these are beyond our control and they are also within the tolerances specified by the manufacturers.

We still think 235955 is a nice and interesting glaze so we have decided to continue selling it with the properties it has today, and for some customers these changes don't matter but they might for you.

Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter these kinds of problems, and these remind us that we are actually dealing with natural materials, despite the manufacturers' ISO-certified processes and quality controls. We hope you will still like 235955 but at the same time we apologize if this caused problems for you.